About The League of 42


The League of 42, or TLo42, is the passion project of a group of friends who live all over the western United States. We are all avid consumers of geek culture and frequently share what we find with one another and, despite being so spread out, find time to enjoy things together. With the advances in technology and internet speed in recent years, it has become incredibly easy to game together across thousands of miles, and it was over a Skype call/Borderlands 2 game that the first details for TLo42 were hashed out. TLo42 was created to give us an outlet for all of the nerdy and geeky things that we already enjoy (and force us to consume more) and give us a place to share what we thought about them, all the while allowing us to better keep in touch.

This site is for you. It is to provide you with a variety of reviews from a variety of genres and open up a discussion about them. If you have something you want us to review, let us know. If you disagree, let us know (nicely – as Wil Wheaton says, “Don’t be a dick!”). We are embarking on a quest to find the answer to every nerdy question you have and the ones you didn’t even know you wanted to ask. We are releasing our inner nerds, whether they love games, books or superheroes. So, gather up your books, roll your initiatives or grab those controllers because ….. HERE WE GO.