May 082014


Nintendo made an exciting new announcement yesterday that they will be remaking Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire as Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire for the Nintendo 3DS/2DS. These were the third generation of Pokemon games, originally the first of the series released for the Game Boy Advance system in 2003. This is a somewhat expected announcement, as they have remade the prior generations already, and following their rather poor showing for the last quarter, Nintendo was expected to make some sort of move on one of their blockbuster titles, and Pokemon certainly qualifies.

So this means that they will be updated up to approximately Pokemon X/Y graphics, as well as probably add some of the gameplay mechanics that X and Y pulled off so well, such as the online components and accessories like the skates to speed up getting around the world(please). Hopefully they will tweak the online trades, because the wonder trade feature was a bit… broken. But even without fixing those, just having them in place with one of the older games would be an awesome update.

Ruby and Sapphire are very well reviewed games, and probably two of the more popular entries in the series, with the major caveat being that they were very similar to the past two generations. So all Nintendo has to do to address those shortcomings is bring in some of the big changes they made for X/Y, update the graphics, and they should have a big-time seller, one that I am quite excited to try since I have not actually played the originals. It’s an easy formula, but only time will tell if it translates into a success for Nintendo when they so desperately need it. Pokemon is more than capable of generating the hype, all Nintendo needs to do is deliver the goods.

Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire will be released November of this year, final date to be determined.



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