Jul 022014
You Should Play: The Wolf Among Us

I purchased The Wolf Among on a whim,I have not paid too much attention to Telltale games, the creators of the hit Walking Dead games, as I am not really into the show or comic, so I have passed on their games even with the hugely positive response they received. Now I am beginning to think I’ve made a huge mistake, because if they are anything like Wolf, they are definitely a must play series for me. I happened upon a lets play video of Wolf Among Us while randomly perusing Youtube, got as far as the introduction, and knew I had to play this game. Luckily for me, it happened to be the last day of the Steam Summer Sale, and Wolf was available for a fantastic price, so I snapped it up. I have now finished the first episode, and started the second (as well as a second run through the first, with entirely different decisions), and I have to say I have been absolutely blown away by this game.

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Jun 192014
Joe’s JUST GO SEE IT Review and Rethink Edition: How to Train Your Dragon 2

Welcome to the second installment of June’s JUST GO SEE IT: Review and Rethink Edition! Up for another look this week is How to Train Your Dragon 2, the sequel to the animated adventure that featured…you guessed it: dragons! I’ll try to avoid any spoilers again, though to be fair, the trailers for this movie are quite spoiler-y on their own!

While the first How to Train Your Dragon focused on the emerging peace between the people of Berk and the dragons they had seen as mortal enemies for so long, the second movie begins with a scene that quickly illustrates just how integrated into Berk’s existence the creatures have become since Hiccup and Toothless befriended each other.

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Jun 132014
Joe's JUST GO SEE IT Review and Rethink Edition: Edge of Tomorrow

Hello readers! It’s been six days since I gave you your movie viewing assignments for June, and I’m ready to follow up with this month’s first review! Mystie and I just got home from seeing Edge of Tomorrow, which, as you’ll remember from my earlier post, is an alien-battling sci-fi action movie co-starring Emily Blunt and Tom Cruise that is based on a Japanese novel called All You Need Is Kill. I’ll do my best to keep any spoilers out of this article, and I’d ask any commenters to do be conscientious and advertise any of their own with full-on caps lock and asterisks so that each of our readers can form their own opinion. (NOTE: Linked images may take you to other pages containing spoilers.)

First up: I loved this movie.

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Jun 102014
Wii U Zelda: The Best Part of E3?

So, we *might* be a tiny bit biased here at The League 0f 42, with several of our authors citing the Legend of Zelda series as their all-time favorite series and going so far as to use it as an entire argument for the 3DS over the PS Vita, but the new trailer for the Legend of Zelda for the Wii U has us salivating. An entire open-world Hyrule, a la Skyrim? Where do I preorder?

And I do think it is worth mentioning that no one has confirmed that the individual in the trailer is Link. There is a possibility, albeit slight, that the figure atop the horse is Zelda herself or a female reincarnation of our beloved hero. I do want to note that “Link” is not wearing the traditional green. The hero is androgynous enough that it could go either way, and I will be happy with anything. (Though part of me will keep my fingers crossed that we get to save Link as Zelda this time around.)

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Jun 062014
YouTube and Twitch? Twitch and YouTube?

Has YouTube (and by extension, Google) done what so many rumors flying around the internet are reporting? Are they, as we speak, hashing out the details to a hefty $1 billion deal to purchase Twitch? At this point, all signs seem to point to yes, with the delay likely due to ongoing negotiations over just how independent Twitch will remain. What does this mean for the suddenly booming business of online game streaming?

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Jun 042014

Following the smashing success of the first five seasons of The Guild (her webseries about a Guild of gamers who become a Guild IRL), Felicia Day created Geek & Sundry, a YouTube channel dedicated to bringing fans the sorts of shows they want to see. With the exception of The Guild Season Six, these shows have primarily been reality-based shows such as Tabletop, The Flog, Sword and Laser and Vaginal Fantasy.

Despite the success of those shows (Tabletop in particular) Felicia Day has been outspoken about her desire to create a new scripted show and has delivered in the format of a new webseries, Spooked. Spooked follows the adventures of a group of “semi-professional” ghost hunters who take on a new case in each episode, spoofing the “reality” based ghost hunter shows you can find on cable television. The first episode aired today and can be found on Hulu and the Geek & Sundry YouTube channel. Or right here.

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Jun 022014
Joe's JUST GO SEE IT: June 2014

Welcome to Joe’s JUST GO SEE IT for June 2014! This is the first post of what will become a monthly column where I, your eponymous host, discuss a handful of movies in the sci-fi, fantasy, or otherwise nerdy genres that I am excited to see. These lists are not meant to be exhaustive – on the contrary, we want you to leave comments about movies you are interested to see as well! We may also exclude some (*coughtransformerscough*), because, after all, this is Joe’s JUST GO SEE IT!

Anyhow, without further ado, here are my JUST-GO-SEE-ITs for this month! They are sorted chronologically, from the nearest releases to the furthest. Trailers are included so you don’t even have to leave the page!

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May 142014
Nintendo 3DS vs. Playstation Vita

In what quickly became a heated debate here at The League of 42 Offices*, we discussed the merits of arguably the two best contenders in the handheld gaming market. Below you will find our thoughts: Ben and Mystie as 3DS owners and Cassi as the Vita owner.

Game Catalog

This is ultimately where I feel the 3DS is going to win out. Both the 3DS and Vita have a relatively close number of total games released for the system, with the Vita actually having a slight edge. However, the 3DS can take advantage of almost the entire original DS’s extensive library, while the Vita requires that last gen games be available digitally, which not all are. But even more important are the number of “Must-Have” titles on the 3DS. You’ve got Mario 3D Land, Ocarina of Time, Link Between Worlds, Mario Kart, Animal Crossing, Fire Emblem, Pokemon X/Y… and honestly that list goes on with quite a few other big hits. And some of these are not small games either, several could quite easily last you hundreds of hours if you so chose. And they have tons more on the horizon, with sure-blockbuster titles such as Smash Bros and new Pokemon remakes on the way.

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