Aug 302014

Russ Frushtick, one of my favorite writers at Polygon, a gaming website, has recently announced he’s leaving. In honor of that, here is what you should be listening to today: The Besties.

The Besties is a podcast put on by the Polygon network – it stars Polygon editors Justin Mcelroy and Chris Plante, and writers Griffin Mcelroy and Russ Frushtick. They are, as they put it in every show, 4 best friends who pit their favorite games against each other in a battle royale for the best game of the week, month, or year (although the format has changed somewhat in the later episodes).

To really get into what this show is and what it’s like, it’s best to first establish what it’s not:

Who this podcast is not for:

People looking for hard-hitting game news

They don’t really talk about news in this podcast. If it’s near a expo or a con they’re attending, you might get more – however it’s mostly about the games. Even then, when they’re picking new games of the week to play – that can be a very liberal description.

People who hate banter. And Fun.

These are four guys shooting the shit. They talk about games, but very casually. They’re not getting super in-depth in most of these games, for the most part, with some exceptions, especially for the ones they’re really excited about. Some weeks they even pick games they hate. That being said, they’re here to talk about games and banter – and have you join in on the fun.

People who hate mobile games.

Listen, a lot of the new games these guys are playing are games they can’t talk about. And by trying to stick to a new game every week rule, a lot of mobile games come up.

With that out of the way, you can now be less shocked if you load up this podcast and they’re screaming at each other or talking in vampire voices. Also, we can go over…

Who this podcast IS for:

People who love banter. And Fun.

As I’ve mentioned before, these are four guys talking about video games, bantering and generally making entertaining jokes and commentary.

I love it because I feel like I’m sitting in a room of my own four friends. This is how we banter about games. The friendship rings through in some awesome chemistry. They rag on each other the way my friends and I rag on each other. And when one of them makes a semi-dumb yet charming joke you find yourself laughing along with them because, well it’s just four friends.

But there is some meat there too. In addition to all the banter, these guys have some very insightful things to say about the games they’re playing along with some fair critiques.

People who want to hear weird voices.

I mean it get’s weird in there. Who knows why they appear, who knows where they come from, who knows if they might be mildly offensive, but they’re charming and a fun element to the show. Notable mentions are world-renowned indie developer Jean Baptiste and New York Giraffe.

People looking for a new side game to pick up.

If you’re keeping up with most game news, my guess is you’re already playing the newest of the new or are keeping up with the hottest game out there.

This podcast is great go-to for me for games outside of that. Through it I hear about games I may not have heard of that have come out.

Also, If I’m just looking for a mobile game to play on the side, or want to pick up a new game for my vita – this is a great resource for it as well. I’ve discovered a lot of games I wouldn’t have picked up previously with the massive amount of work and articles keeping up with the newest games releases.

So, in short, this is a great little podcast to listen on your morning commute or during work. It’s fun, it’s light, it’s got a lot of great banter and weird characters as I’ve mentioned. It’s only 30 minutes long so it’s pretty bite sized and who knows – you might find a new game to play and a new bestie to hang out with.