Aug 292014

In an interesting move, Nintendo announced today that they are releasing an updated version of the 3DS and the 3DS XL, currently titled the new 3DS and the new 3DS LL.


Currently only planned to be released in Japan in October, the new 3DS consoles feature the following major changes:

- Completely customizable snap-on top and bottom covers

- Updated processors for faster gaming and better graphics

- An improved 3D viewing system; the camera follows your head angle to ensure that the 3D doesn’t blur as it currently does if you look at it from any angle except directly in front

- Change from SD Card to microSD

- Battery will now be replaceable and each will hold about 7 hours of gameplay

- Updated gameplay buttons (now colorful)

- New shoulder pad buttons, labeled ZR & ZL

- A tiny analog pad button above the action buttons

They won’t be released in the US this year, but expect the announcement from Nintendo America for a release date in early 2015. Will you be updating your model?