Jun 102014


Link Hyrule So, we *might* be a tiny bit biased here at The League 0f 42, with several of our authors citing the Legend of Zelda series as their all-time favorite series and going so far as to use it as an entire argument for the 3DS over the PS Vita, but the new trailer for the Legend of Zelda for the Wii U has us salivating. An entire open-world Hyrule, a la Skyrim? Where do I preorder?

Zelda Hyrule

And I do think it is worth mentioning that no one has confirmed that the individual in the trailer is Link. There is a possibility, albeit slight, that the figure atop the horse is Zelda herself or a female reincarnation of our beloved hero. I do want to note that “Link” is not wearing the traditional green. The hero is androgynous enough that it could go either way, and I will be happy with anything. (Though part of me will keep my fingers crossed that we get to save Link as Zelda this time around.)

Check out the trailer for the first, or hundredth, time:

What do you think? Are you excited for the new Zelda? Could our protagonist be a female?