Dec 112014

If you missed it, Roc Upchurch was removed from the Image Comics family following domestic abuse charges against his wife. Kurtis Wiebe (writer for Rat Queens) announced shortly after the news broke that Rat Queens would continue and that they were looking for a new artist to take over for Roc. This morning, Image broke the news that Stjepan Sejic will be taking over illustrating our favorite ladies of mischief and their wonderful escapades.

Stjepan previously worked on Sunstone, an Amazon #1 bestseller.

Welcome to Rat Queens, Stjepan Sejic

Welcome to Rat Queens, Stjepan Sejic

Though I loved Roc’s art style for Rat Queens, I think that Image and Kurtis made the right choice and I am very excited to see what Stjepan does with Violet, Hannah, Dee and Betty. Just keep them each their unique, kick-ass style and I will get behind it.

Image’s Announcement can be found here: