Dec 112014

If you missed it, Roc Upchurch was removed from the Image Comics family following domestic abuse charges against his wife. Kurtis Wiebe (writer for Rat Queens) announced shortly after the news broke that Rat Queens would continue and that they were looking for a new artist to take over for Roc. This morning, Image broke the news that Stjepan Sejic will be taking over illustrating our favorite ladies of mischief and their wonderful escapades.

Stjepan previously worked on Sunstone, an Amazon #1 bestseller.

Welcome to Rat Queens, Stjepan Sejic

Welcome to Rat Queens, Stjepan Sejic

Though I loved Roc’s art style for Rat Queens, I think that Image and Kurtis made the right choice and I am very excited to see what Stjepan does with Violet, Hannah, Dee and Betty. Just keep them each their unique, kick-ass style and I will get behind it.

Image’s Announcement can be found here:

Jan 302014


I think what I love the most about Rat Queens is just how much it resembles a traditional late-night tabletop session. The plot often moves toward the epic adventure fantasy that so many tabletop games attempt, but the story more or less ends up taking a backseat to the insanity and hilarious verbal sparring between the Rat Queens themselves, and the poor townspeople who get to deal with cleaning up afterwards – sounds familiar doesn’t it?

Rat Queens #4 continues the story established in the first three books, but this time we really start to see some of their actions catching up with them and the rest of the town. We get an interesting tidbit about Sawyer, as he kicks some ninja ass and hints at a darker past. This issue also reaffirmed my belief that Betty is pretty much the best character ever (her interaction with Sawyer immediately after previously mentioned fight was priceless). Her interactions with just about every character she comes across are just hilarious and often awkwardly so. Just about the rest of the book was a massive kill-fest, as a large army of trolls and orcs come seeking vengeance against the Queens, and therefore, the rest of the town. While this didn’t necessarily further the plot much, the gratuitous violence was again pretty great, superbly drawn, and with just enough moments of absurdity to fit perfectly with the tone (poor Gary).

Every issue seems to blend a fine mixture of drugs, sex, blood/gore, and comedy to form what I have no problem saying is probably the most fun to be had in comics right now. While absolutely not suitable for children, I really think just about anyone else will find something to enjoy with Rat Queens, and if you happen to be a tabletop veteran, it may just become your new favorite comic, as you see more and more parallels to your own games.